Property Securing & Maintenance

Property Securing & Maintenance Services


We work hard to provide reliable reports to our clients on their properties we manage. If there is any issue or risk, we quickly inform our clients. Get a professional inspection today!

Securing Services

Problems like breaking & entering and vandalism can occur if your properties are not properly secured. We offer to secure services to give you one less burden to worry about.

Trash Removal

As an REO agent, we know that keeping a property attractive to buyers is vital. We offer reliable trash-out and clean-up services for REO properties, including commercial and business.

Property Securing & Maintenance

We offer a complete one-stop Property Securing & Maintenance Services solution to your REO (real estate owned) properties management, maintaining these properties, keeping them secure, and keep them ready to get sold. We know that time is money.

We will do our best on real estate-owned properties to make sure that our clients can earn a high profit on their investments. All services are available in the same location.

As an REO service company, we have the skills and resources to make that process as efficient as possible. With our services, we can dramatically improve a property’s appeal, ultimately leading to a faster sale. See some of our services below.

Inspection Services

We know the importance of monitoring the condition of delinquent properties. We always work hard to provide comprehensive and knowledgeable reports to our clients about the properties they have assigned for monitoring. If there is any issue or risk, we quickly inform our clients.

Our inspection services include:

  • Occupancy Inspection
  • Property Condition Inspection
  • REO Check Inspection
  • Property Condition Report

Trash Removal Services

As an REO agent, we know that keeping a bank-owned property attractive to prospective buyers is vital to closing a sale. We offer reliable Trash-Out and Maid Re-Fresh services for REO properties, including commercial properties, business locations, and industrial facilities. Our dependable REO trash-out teams will be your trusted partner in the continued upkeep of all of your bank-owned properties.

Securing Services

It’s important to secure an REO property. Most of these properties remain empty, there can be many problems like damages, but most importantly, there is a great threat of an intruder breaking in. Sometimes it can be kids looking for a place to party, criminals, looking for some destructive entertainment, or squatters looking to illegally commandeer a place to live without paying bills; it’s a danger that can badly hurt the value of your property. We take the responsibility to keep your property secure from all such activities.

Emergency Services

Accidents happen, oftentimes things get out of our control.  And the one thing we can control here at Zion’s Reo Specialists is our quick and efficient response time to emergencies. We get your emergencies addressed quickly and with integrity.

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