Pressure Cleaning 

Pressure Cleaning & Building Maintenance

Side Walks

Over time sidewalks tend to grow mold or receive rust stains from old pipes. Our specialists are here to make your sidewalks look good as new!


Dirty roofs are never visually appealing; our team of specialists will make sure to get those hard-to-reach areas to ensure your roofs are cleaned to their entirety.

Pool Decks

Are you tired of dirty & stained pool decks? Don’t let the elements ruin the appearance of your pool deck. Contact us today to schedule your next cleaning.

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Whether you’re in a business setting or a commercial setting, outdoor surfaces lose their original shine & color, and it needs to be restored. Our Pressure Cleaning & Building Maintenance specialists are ready to tackle the toughest and dirtiest surfaces with ease! We blast away all the dirt and grime with Eco-friendly cleaners to leave surfaces looking brand new. Contact us today!


Being exposed to frequent moisture and heat, sidewalks become the perfect breeding ground for mold and fungus. They also tend to lose their original color in these conditions, along with constant foot traffic. Our pressure cleaning specialists can handle all your sidewalk cleaning needs. We are always here to offer our clients the exceptional commitment and attention required to create and maintain a beautiful and healthy outdoor environment.


Your pool is an investment; the outdoor elements can and will damage it. Our pressure cleaning service has got you covered. We can ensure that your pool deck stays stain & mold-free, vibrant, and weed-free. Our weed control team is highly trained and knows how to tackle the toughest pool decks. We’re proud of what we do and glad to put our customers first.


Along with pool decks and sidewalks, roofs are affected by the same kind of elements. Our team can handle the roof cleaning for you! We use eco-friendly cleaners and commercial-grade equipment to get the job done. 

Emergency Services

Accidents happen,  oftentimes things get out of our control.  And the one thing we can control here at Zion’s Reo Specialists is our quick and efficient response time to emergencies. We get your emergencies addressed quickly and with integrity.

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