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Commercial Building Wall & Floors


Walls, over time, tend to build up dirt and stains from all different kinds of elements. We scrub and rinse your walls, so you don’t have to!


Our team of professionals will make sure to get those hard-to-reach areas to ensure your walls & floors are cleaned to their entirety.


Along with the walls, the floors are mopped and rinsed and, if needed, pressure washed. We will free up the stuck-on dirt and make your floors shine!

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Whether you’re in a business setting or a commercial setting, floors lose their original shine & color, and it needs to be restored. Our Commercial Building Wall & Floors specialists are ready to tackle the toughest and dirtiest walls & floors with ease!


Over time walls become dirty with dirt and stains and need a good cleaning. When we clean your walls we thoroughly scrub them down and rinse them off. We make sure to get every corner to leave all of our customers satisfied and their walls properly cleaned.


With any foot traffic, we leave behind some form of dirt, whether visible or microscopic. Over time, the dirt builds up, and it has to be cleaned. Eventually, a standard mopping won’t remove the dirt from deep in your floors, leaving them with a fade in color. Our floor cleaning staff has all the right tools and cleaners to make your floors look brand new!

Tile Cleaning

When it comes time to mop your floors, you may notice that your tile and grout have gotten darker. A standard mop isn’t capable of restoring your grout and tile to their original color. Our professional floor specialists have the tools to give your floor the deep cleaning they need. Why clean your floors when it’s better to have a professional crew clean them for you! Our staff of tile cleaning experts can handle your cleaning and make sure it’s done right. We’re proud of our commitment to our commercial clients and our reputation for stellar results and excellent customer service.

Emergency Services

Accidents happen, oftentimes things get out of our control.  And the one thing we can control here at Zion’s Reo Specialists is our quick and efficient response time to emergencies. We get your emergencies addressed quickly and with integrity.

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