Commercial Cleaning: What We Do

Commercial Cleaning

At Zion’s Reo Specialists, we understand the importance of keeping your business clean and how it influences your day to day operations. We know that keeping the workplace clean will boost the morale of employees, making them more productive. Our professional cleaning services will keep pests away, making the inspectors happier. Some of the commercial cleaning services we carry out include:

Pressure Cleaning

Our pressure cleaning services use high-pressure water to make sure that we thoroughly clean your business, getting rid of any loose paint, dirt, and mold from the buildings and concrete. We can provide both hot water and cold water high-pressure cleaning depending on your needs. Similarly, our services will not cause any wastewater pollution to your premises due to any oil residues as we have ideal formulas to ensure swift and effective separation. 

We use special detergents designed to achieve maximum cleaning results within the shortest time possible. Our detergents and cleaning agents do not cause any bleaching effect to the paint on your buildings or cars, ensuring that they maintain the same glossy look. 

Janitorial Services

We clean your property, regardless of the size and type of office. We take care of all your cleaning needs, giving you quality results. Our team is well trained to handle different office equipment during cleaning, ensuring that everything remains intact when we are one. 

Exterior Bulk Trash Removal

Our bulk trash removal services will collect any waste matter that cannot fit in your trash container. Whether you have waste materials from daily use products, electronics, construction materials, or any other solid waste that is too big to fit your trash container, we will help dispose of them for you. We professionally conduct our services, leaving your premises neat and sparkling.

Dumpster Disinfecting

Dumpsters carry a lot of trash. As a result, they can produce an unpleasant stench and attract bugs and rodents. Molds and bacteria can also flourish in the dumpsters. Our professional dumpster disinfecting services help minimize the stench and do away with rodents, bugs, and bacteria or molds. We understand that the dumpsters are made of galvanized material and painted but are still susceptible to wear and tear, and our services make sure to elongate the dumpsters’ lives. 

Our services also ensure that no fluids from dumpsters find their way to your building drains, grass or storm drains. We also check for any damages on the lids, wheels, and casters that the container sits on, ensuring proper maintenance. 

Emergency Services

We understand that accidents can happen at any time, and we are ready to respond. At Zion’s Reo Specialists, our response is quick and efficient, ensuring that things do not blow out of proportion. We are available 24 hours every day, including weekends and holidays. Our emergency number is 9547443736. 


Our 20+ years in the industry put us in a prime position to understand the dynamics and general requirements of commercial cleaning. We give you the best rsults since we know the importance of maintaining high-quality standards in every project.